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Have you noticed a change in your hearing?

Maybe you’re finding it hard to hear certain words or you're having to turn up the volume on the TV. If this is the case then we can help. While it's certainly true that old age is one of the main causes of hearing loss and ear problems, there are a number of other factors to consider too. 
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Could your hearing have been damaged by a loud noise?

If you work with loud equipment such as pneumatic drills or you've been near a sudden loud noise, then this can also have a severe effect on your hearing. To find out whether your hearing has been damaged, we recommend that you see your local GP first of all. If it's not something your local doctor can help with then get in touch. We'll undertake a hearing test to find out exactly what the problem is.
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Our hearing tests consist of:

  • Visual examination of your ear.
  • A discussion of any hearing problems you're encountering.
  • A sound frequency test.
The sound frequency test is free of charge and we'll use the results to determine the extent of your hearing loss and discuss the most suitable hearing aid for you. There are various makes and models available and you can choose one to suit your budget and personal preferences.
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For more information and to book a hearing test contact our experienced and friendly team in Coventry today.

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